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rather elliptical tune, not really funereal, and affords Lee the opportunity to pay oblique homage in his sudden soaring to the upper register, a Davern forte. Mathieson tweaks Davern’s tail slightly by including the bass clarinet, an instrument Davern apparently loathed.

In A Mist
is taken at a slower than usual tempo. When he heard it played by Mathiesen at this speed in another band Speigle Wilcox, an old friend of Bix Beiderbecke’s, queried the tempo adding that this was Beiderbecke’s own. He’d apparently speeded it up for the recording. There are plenty of other pleasurable moments. Try the Johnny Hodges drenched Morning Glory or Lee’s turn on soprano sax on Sweet Like This and its fine, loping tempo suffused with bluesy hues. Picking good tempos is another strength of the band.

The group often plays Morton tunes and they do justice to those presented here. Similarly the Ellingtonian clarinet choir on Bojangles is attractively voiced and Singin’ The Blues works well with Bix’s solo recreated by a five-horn front line and which elsewhere affords excellent opportunities for O’Malley to lead.

The whole band plays tightly and engagingly and the set is very well recorded."